There are two primary types of safes which are found in homes and offices.About Our Safes and Locks


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Do you want to install a new safe?
Is your existing safe troubling you with its codes?
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If you are having an issue in opening your safe or if you want to install one, then we can help you out. We are expert in installing and repairing all types of safes, and will provide you with quality services, catering to your every need.

Types of safes

• Data safes – for keeping your important documents and other computer data safe. These safes not only protect your documents from theft, but fire as well.
• Security Safes – for keeping your valuables such as jewelry, cash, guns and so on.

Fitting and installing a safe

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Do you want to install a safe in Dublin to protect your jewelry, firearms and other valuables? You will have to decide a suitable safe that can fit in the space where you want it to be installed. Your budget will be another consideration. At Dublin locksmith, we can help you decide a make and model of a safe that will serve your needs.

We are an expert in installing any type of safes in Dublin such as

• Floor safe
• Key safe
• Hidden wall safe
• Gun safe
• Fireproof safe
• Key safe box
• Safety deposit box

Opening safes

You already have a safe, but it has been bothering you lately. Whether you have lost the leys or are having trouble with codes, you can reach out to us. We’ll inspect your safe and fix it.
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